I Left You Because Love Scared Me

You loved me like I was a goddess, like i was the only sign of divinity you had ever witnessed. To tell you the truth…     it scared me a little bit. Actually no.. it scared me a lot. I was so used to never being enough; to never quite living up to the expectations of “beauty” the fact that you swore you loved me made me wonder who you thought i was. And so I smiled, And I laughed And I loved you, (Oh darling don’t ever doubt that i loved you) But i never told you any … Continue reading I Left You Because Love Scared Me

Oh my Love, do not let this make you Bitter

I do no think it’s sad, that I have certain songs where I can’t distinguish the lyrics from the sound of their name. I do not see it as tragic, that there are roads I can’t walk down in our city without their laughter leaking form the streetlights. I don’t know why the world asks, if i burned all the books they ever read to me from or why you assume that i can no longer appreciate the words of their favourite poets I have never been that spiteful. In fact, I think it is beautiful, that I am still … Continue reading Oh my Love, do not let this make you Bitter

Call it Beauty

When the world tells you “Beauty is only skin deep” Laugh, and prove them wrong. Show them the fierceness with which you love, the passion with which you hand out every small kindness. Smile at all of them, show them that these lips’ sincerity will always outlive their marketability. When the world tell you “beauty is only skin deep” tell them to close their eyes and listen; Tell them about all the things you love, speak warmly. Confide all the places you find happiness, reveal all of your passions, make them laugh, admit that you get sad sometimes. Paint them … Continue reading Call it Beauty


At midnight, the sky is a tide pool; the stars photo-luminescent algae and fish scales- the sort of thing on children would wonder at, discarded distant and beautiful. At midnight; the milky way is a coral reef; we are finding safety in her delicate bones, building life in the spaces where she breathes our bodies carried by celestial eddies. I swear, at midnight, the sky looks like a tide pool and my feet wish they could forsake gravity to swim in her. The clouds roll by like sea foam, if i squint my eyes and laugh, the horizon breaks like … Continue reading Discovery

Things I Wish I Could HAve Told Myself 4 Months Ago

1) The first time you break someone’s heart, it will be because you are afraid; afraid of the way your heart stutters when his fingers find yours, afraid of the way that you have no idea where this thing could go, afraid of losing control, afraid of hurting him, knowing that you will. afraid he’ll figure out that you aren’t as beautiful as he thinks, that there is darkness hiding in your smile, afraid you’re getting in too deep, afraid of needing him this much. 2) People always leave pieces behind when they leave You’ll leave that sweater in the … Continue reading Things I Wish I Could HAve Told Myself 4 Months Ago


Everyone always talks about how they feel empty How their stomach collapses And their bones ache They talk about being hollow. And I envy them Their weightlessness Their intangibility I envy their absolute emptiness Because I feel full, Ready to break open I feel heavy I feel swollen Misshapen I feel so saturated And I am drowning in all the everything pressed into my bones There is no room for me inside myself anymore. People always talk about how depression makes them feel empty But it makes me so full, Organs collapsing beneath the growing nothingness that inhabits me. Continue reading Untitled

The Way We Love

Stop trying to name what we have, we could steal the most stunning words from a thousand different languages, it would still never contain us. You; colliding crashing breaking rebirthing unending; me. A blizzard on a blind date with a sand storm; bizarre, unsettling, destructive. Mostly just mesmerizing. We never should have mixed like this, I am unable to leave you with anything other than scorch marks and gritty teeth. I will burn all the love out of you, my hands will leave you with a glass case around your heart, you should know better than to try and flood … Continue reading The Way We Love