Half-asleep; the world loses form she shifts and shimmers becomes defined by colour and questionable sensations. Losing yourself becomes the ultimate goal; to be weightless and shapeless simply shifting, sighing, shinning show me how to become nothing; A simple concept, an “itch-at the-back-of-your-mind” kind of idea that is whispered as you sleep in the womb, that is wound around your DNA, Let me be feral, let me be instinctual, existence of legends, let me feel everything that is waiting in these bones; I have so much which lays dormant inside me i see it only half-asleep, when the world has … Continue reading Dreamscape


Gold drips, slips slow; honey spilt along the horizon glazing the curved backs of the mountains. Slowly… then all at once, the sky melts; tumbling coming to rest on the crowns of firs gathered below to catch the light with upturned branches gently… they filter it down till it lands, a dancing patchwork of gold and green, on the soft forest floor, and the world awakens bathed in liquid gold. Continue reading Daybreak

Deep Breath

Breathe, Inhale long and slow; Fill yourself with the sky Feel rainclouds condense just below your collarbone. Let your chest swell; a robin building his song. Feel your ribcage expand, each separated band stretching to hold the stratosphere Breathe Deep. Let yourself be vast let your name become too small for you as the clouds beneath your breast change shape; remember that you are only temporary You are water molecules that you used to dance as oceans, You are carbon that used to be stars, and comets, and empty space. You are borrowing breath from butterflies and concords. Breathe deep, … Continue reading Deep Breath

The Light

The light breaks shattered; it s     c a t t e r s itself like scared moths bursts apart in dandelion flight this light e  x  p  a  n  d  s in open hands we hold naught but its imprint; upturned palms a resting place for spectrum spectrals We are chasing light as it bre aks… on all of our sharp edges let it recreate everything We are chasing fractured light, and it changes us. Continue reading The Light

Go Up in Flames

My life, is a collection of loose-leaf papers; Of poems on the back of receipts and pocketed sticky-note sketches Of half-written novels hidden under the bed Of unsent letters Of half-finished homework assignments Of tissue paper flowers My life is so damn flammable. Maybe I should stop trying to catch fireflies in my origami hands; maybe I should stop dancing around campfires, stop lighting matches in the bathroom, stop tipping over candles stop holding onto sparklers until the tips of my fingers are ash, Maybe I should stop being so willfully reckless with this construction paper body. She is tinder, … Continue reading Go Up in Flames

The Fear of Silence

I am trying to learn to appreciate the silence, to stop myself from suffocating every second of sobriety with shallow syllables and short-sighted sound waves; speaking simply to shade in the space around me to convince myself i exist. I was hoping, that if i caught the ocean on a day where she is still; she could teach me how to take up space without crowding out the silence. That if I found the tide lines my breath leaves in my throat i would stop feeling the need to make her bleed from all this screaming. My breathing is sound … Continue reading The Fear of Silence

An experiment in found poetry

All of a sudden my skin was on fire, every millimeter of me a crudely sawn off electrical wire Who ever knew that a body could be so vast? that there could be so much hurt & ecstasy dancing together along the same nerves. Even the air has presence, every breath a new current How can all of this be held together? How to people not break apart explode on impact, how do all of our atoms hold themselves together amidst all of this trembling and colliding and burning? How can people bear to hold each other? This existence; this … Continue reading An experiment in found poetry