An experiment in found poetry

All of a sudden my skin was on fire,
every millimeter of me a crudely sawn off electrical wire
Who ever knew that a body could be so vast?
that there could be so much hurt & ecstasy dancing together along the same nerves.

Even the air has presence,
every breath a new current
How can all of this be held together?
How to people not break apart

explode on impact,
how do all of our atoms hold themselves together amidst all of this trembling and colliding and burning?

How can people bear to hold each other?

This existence;
this being alive, is full of pain that is too beautiful to abandon,
it is so saturated with beauty that is too painful to hold onto.

I finally understand,
why people compare our bodies to universes;
the heavens are reflected in all of our
and collapsing
and creating
and swirling
and barely coherent chaos. 


A sudden fire,
a crudely sawn of electrical wire;
a body.

So vast

that hurt and ecstasy dance together.


amidst this trembling,



is full

is so saturated

is painful.

that our bodies
are barely coherent chaos. 


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