To be alive is to embrace choas

The air is electric

And I am on fire

My skin is covered in mountains


We are alive

And we are screaming

But not the bad kind of screaming


Your teeth are moonstones

Will they help keep the demons at bay?

I’ll keep you smiling just in case


Do you ever wonder why the dark makes it easier to fall in love?

Maybe it’s because it slides across our bodies like silk

Maybe it’s because it hides us from ourselves and we could be anyone at all


So I wear ashes in my face

And you braid bones into your hair,

they rattle like all the skeletons we smoked out of our closets when we set our old lives aflame

I dance too close to the fire for someone with bare feet

We are tattooing the dirt with the impressions of our bodies

We have left our footprints on all the oldest trees


We tore the stars down and hid them under our tongues

Now our laughter is blinding

And all of our words taste like the unknown

Galaxies flutter every time you exhale

literal galaxies,

burning their brands into your every breath

We are holding infinity between our lips


Do you feel alive yet?


The air is electric

And I

am on fire


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