The way you Sound

When you sigh,

you sound like a forest;

all hushed movements and softly swaying limbs

You are young

but beneath the surface is something so ancient

You keep surprising yourself with all the things your roots unearth


You uncurl like an arbutus

under your peeling bark

everything is new

you are being continually reinvented


What do you taste like today?


Last night

your lips left me longing after mountains

your skin was a glacier

each of my kisses ice picks

I was still learning how to climb you


But today,

today you are oceanic

all of your freckles are uncharted islands

I am trying to navigate from one to the next

But your currents are swirling

And my ship is collapsing

You are too vast to ever conquer

Will I drown in your wild embrace?


You are overflowing

You are spilling out

You are pouring past me

A cascade and I cannot count the colours caught in you

You thunder and roar

throwing yourself into empty space

shining like the shards of all the mirrors we broke

because we hated the way they contained us


You are fearless


You leave me unable to breathe


I am folded in on myself

with sharper creases than any origami swan you have ever taught how to fly

but you,

are constantly uncurling

Defined only by your ceaseless unfurling

You are a hurricane and my head is whirling


You very rarely stay still


but when you do,

you are laying beside me

Heart beats dancing around each other

and you sigh

and it sounds like a forest

it sounds like being alive.


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