Festival Recovery (2014)

Today, is the calm after the storm,
and it was a wonderful storm
But today is the calm,
so breathe. 

I know you feel empty

I know you feel heavy

that is ok.

Close your tired eyes for a moment
you are allowed to be slow today

you are allowed to be quiet

Breathe in.

Fill your lungs until they want to burst,
until they match your aching heart.

Breathe out.

Let it all go,

hear it slip out between your lips.
Don’t try to hold onto it.

Now find yourself,

find where you have retreated,

find where you have gotten bigger,

feel how stretched you have become

and revel;

in all the the extra space your heart has,

in all the new kinds of love you are feeling,

in all the types of sadness you never knew were inside of you before.


Because this is terrifying,

but it is amazing.

Embrace the humanity you have found here.

Embrace the changes that took place under these stage lights.







But then be quiet.

Listen to your favourite song.

Bake yourself cookies.

Make a daisy chain.


Go to the beach.

Lay silent beneath the sun.

Be still.


is the calm after the storm.

You are allowed to be slow,

but remember to reach out.

Remember to rebuild.


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