Weak Enamel

I smile with cracked teeth
If you cared you look closely you could trace all the fault lines fracturing my enamel

Beware the frequent tremors of colliding tectonic teeth

Beware the eruptions they trigger
Beware the abyss that opens up between my lips

stay well back if you do not wish to get hurt.

I am breaking apart.

The mountains in my mouth are crumbling
eroded by the ocean I keep hidden behind my eyes
by the the wind of all my pointless screaming.

I smile with cracked teeth

with old teeth cradled between young lips
the secrets piling up behind them are taking their toll

the words pressed up against them trying to break through are creating stress fractures

the back of my teeth are covered in bruises
they are bleeding blue
blurring the water colour landscapes in my my mouth

running down my throat and staining it

I am swallowing all the beauty i ever had words for
i don’t think many more will fit before they spill out between my lips

before my cracked teeth break apart with more force than the Richter scale measure
the fault lines in my enamel are on the verge of re-arranging themselves
and they will surely leave disaster in their wake

But as long as my lips can fake a graceful curve

I will let their shadow hide the natural disaster chipping my enamel.

Have you ever wondered why
I smile with cracked teeth?


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