March 9th, 2013 – Reflections on Artistry

you must consume,
because you cannot present to others what you do not have.
you must devour,
you must savour
you must consume.
every sunset you can capture,
every storm you can taste,
every word you snag,
you must ingest them,
and digest them,
and make them a part of you.
But you cannot only consume.
because eventually you will consume all of the same things,
and each bite,
each greedy mouthful will leave you starving,
craving sustenance,

you cannot only consume,
eventually the only way to satiate your appetite is to create.
to pour into others,
presenting works that were made for the sole purpose of being devoured,
empty yourself of everything so that you are again at the place where you must consume.
because everything in life is a vicious cycle.
so you might as well become addicted to one you enjoy.


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