Haikus written on a Tallship

I) Our ship is sailing
Where the ocean meets the sky
I have found freedom.

II) We race the wind for
All the secrets of the sea
The sweet waves whisper

III) Hold fast to your love
Memories of briny blue
Waves weigh heavy now

IV) Waves shatter like glass
Breaking all my my reflections
Skewed thoughts of myself

V) At dark the clouds fall
As the world loses all shape
Are we still human?

VI) Neverland is real
She will be found in our hearts
If we dare be wild

VII) You cry in silence
You hate to show sorrow
It’s far too common

VIII) Tell me where you shine
The dark scares me every night
Without you near me

IX) Inverse every sky
Pour out each and every cloud
Make them so empty

X) Walk with me slowly
I grow so tired of haste
It does us no good

XI) My feet feel the earth
My skin soaks in sun and rain
To be born again


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